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Parent/guardian and the injured child

  1. In the case of sudden illness/accident of your child, there is a possibility that medical care will be provided by the Polish Medical Air Rescue crew (HEMS crew).

  2. HEMS helicopters are equipped with high-quality medical equipment, dedicated also for children.

  3. Any child which requires the transport using HEMS helicopter, gets from the HEMS crew a teddy bear – “Rescuer Bear”.

  4. On the board of the helicopter, your child is safe under the care of the HEMS crew.

  5. In case of transport of your baby by the helicopter from the accident scene to the hospital, please use the following advice:

    • if you have any other children, please call the closest family or friends and ask them to care for them;
    • take the child’s health book from home and any other medical records from previous stays in hospital;
    • think about the fastest way you can get to the hospital (especially mother);
    • check the house and turn off all electrical appliances, oven and stove, close windows and doors;
    • prepare yourself for an overnight stay at the hospital;
    • drive the car carefully.