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Rules of transport of patients with burns

Rules of transport of patients with burns

1. For transport eligible are patients with: II° burns exceeding 20% of body surface area; IIº burns exceeding 10% of old body surface area for children under 10 and adults above 50; III° burns in all age groups; respiratory burns; burns above IIº which include face, extremities, perineum; trauma patients with burns, stabilized in the other wards; electrical, chemical and other burns in accordance with local criteria for admission to the burns treatment center.

2. Each case of transport request for patient with burns is assessed individually by the medical dispatcher or doctor from Polish Medical Air Rescue, and requires a direct conversation with the doctor commissioning the transport. In making a decision about the transport, the following circumstances must be taken into the consideration: the existence of clear benefits to the patient in relation to the risks of transport, the patient’s clinical response to standard therapy of burns, patient’s condition in the period before the transportation. The final decision about the transportation is made by the Polish Medical Air Rescue.

3. Patients with burn sickness are required to present current results of gasometry, ionogram and morphology.

Patients with suspected respiratory tract burns should be intubated for transport in accordance with arrangements
with a dispatcher or a medical doctor of Polish Medical Air Rescue.