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Securing the landing site

  1. Check the dimensions of the landing site – depending on the time of day.
  2. Check the selected place in terms of terrain and loose objects that can easily be undermined by the helicopter landing.
  3. The maximum ground slope is 6 degrees.
  4. Protect selected landing site from intrusion by third parties, during the night – by setting in the corners of the designated landing site one fireman (minimum bystanders from the helicopter – 30m) – Look if no one walks or drives in your direction.
  5. Inform the HEMS helicopter crew by radio about all the obstacles in the terrain surrounding the landing site (poles, lines, trees, etc.).
  6. Remember – the final decision to land is taken by the helicopter pilot.
  7. Close the door of the combat vehicle or ambulance and other vehicles in the vicinity.
  8. Protect your eyes from dust and dirt.
  9. To make identification of the place of the accident easier for the helicopter team, turn on the lights of your police car or ambulance (during both day and night). 
  10. In case of landing on a road, it should be on a section visible for drivers from a distance, away from bends and turns and without any obstacles.
  11. Don’t smoke less than 50 meters away from the helicopter.