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Safety rules

Helicopter danger zones

  1. During the landing, engine shut down, starting and takeoff (in general: when the rotor is rotating) – it’s strictly forbidden to approach the helicopter, either on the designated HEMS helicopter landing or on the distance shorter than 30 meters.
  2. A gust of wind created by the rotors might move loose items (for example, linen from the stretchers, foil, snow, dust). This can be a threat to the people in the close surrounings and to the helicopter.
  3. Beware of rotating rotors.
  4. Never pass in the vicinity of the helicopter tail propeller!
  5. Never approach the helicopter from a rising slope! Watch out for the main rotor blades!
  6. Approach the helicopter from the front or the side.
  7. Only approach the helicopter after a clear signal from its crew, after the helicopter has stopped.
  8. After the transfer of the patient, contact the crew only by radio or visually – don’t approach the helicopter!

See the helicopter danger zones:

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