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Securing the patient for the duration of transport

  1. The doctor requesting the transport, or another doctor appointed by him, is required to prepare the patient for the medical air transport. Detailed instructions may give the medical dispatcher or a doctor from the Polish Medical Air Rescue.
  2. Required documents for the medical air transport:
    • written request for the flight, on a valid form, signed and stamped by a doctor
    • written request for the ground transport, signed and stamped by a doctor (if there’s a need for such transport)
    • patient’s personal documents 
    • patient’s medical documents, properly secured against damage
    • referral to the hospital.
  3. Medical procedures (recommendations):
    • securing the peripheral vein puncture and possibly central arterial lines, drains, catheters, drainage;
    • pneumothorax drainage; change from an active drain a to passive;
    • reducing the number of infusions with infusion pumps to a maximum of two;
    • setting up new tanks for a gastric probe, a catheter for the bladder, the stoma;
    • draining the fluids from the respiratory tract (if necessary);
    • inspecting bandages and putting on new bandages;
    • immobilising fractures;
    • ending the infusion of antibiotics and other substances that are not applied in a continuous infusion in order to maintain vital functions;
    • performing laboratory tests (glucose, electrolytes, blood gases, morphology) – in justified cases, on patients with impaired glucose metabolism, fed parenterally, premature infants, newborn children;
    • leaving a patient on an empty stomach for at least 2 hours before the scheduled flight.
  4. Polish Medical Air Rescue reserves the right to order or perform medical procedures to prepare the patient for transport in the place of pick up.
  5. In cases of transport of a patient who receives medication not included in the standard Medical Manual of Polish Medical Air Rescue, the Requester is responsible for providing the patient with a medicine for the duration of the transport.
  6. Polish Medical Air Rescue strives to transport a patient requiring intensive care in the “bed-to-bed” system.