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How to request air ambulance transport?

  1. To be filled in block letters written order to fly, the currently existing printing (application form for transport DOCTORS).
  2. Listed by ordering order for the flight has to be certified by the director of the prison or the authorized person, and faxed to the Operational Centre PMAR. If a hospital or other health care facility is not possible to send orders by fax may be adopted in order by PMAR by phone on a recorded line.
  3. The original order to fly with an order for the further transport of the wheel should pass the team PMAR.
  4. Lack of these documents makes it impossible acquisition of the patient by a team PMAR.
  5. The dispatcher or medical doctor PMAR can ask the doctor to ask for a copy of the results of laboratory tests and diagnostic imaging and card observation of hospital stay current and previous excerpts.
  6. Organization of transport from the place of residence of the patient to the aircraft belongs to the Customer.
  7. Each time the ordering physician air medical transport is obliged to take into account the balance of risks and benefits to the patient, and if in doubt contact the dispatcher medical PMAR doctor or the nearest branch or a subsidiary PMAR.
  8. The final decision on the acquisition of a patient by a medical team PMAR take Doctor HEMS / EMS after the examination and hearing the patient’s condition.